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DEPRECATED <Legacy TCP Modbus server and overlay which provides legacy support for old deployments of UniPi Neuron controllers>
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This project has been replaced by UniPi kernel module. Please check the UniPi kb and/or the Deb repository wher the module can be found.

Legacy TCP Modbus server for the Neuron series of UniPi devices

IMPORTANT NOTE: See our Evok repository for up-to-date installation instructions; this repository is maintained solely to provide legacy support


Check out the source code for the latest release, e.g. by calling:


Unzip it:


And run the installation script as root (requires make and libmodbus):

cd neuron-tcp-modbus-overlay-1.0.3



Neuron Modbus TCP Server

This daemon provides a userspace implementation of a standard TCP Modbus interface for all controllers from the UniPi Neuron series. It can handle low level communication on SPI with all embedded boards with all embedded Neuron CPIs. It also handles the creation of PTYs (pseudo-terminal (also known as virtual) serial lines) in /dev/extcomm/x/y and is able to update our firmware.

See the for mapping and explanation of Modbus registers.

Evok (the official UniPi API) uses this daemon and provides other webservices as well as access to 1Wire sensors.


  • spi_overlay - spi overlay for the Neuron controllers to allow custom CS for SPI
  • libmodbus


Use the install script (as described above) or run the provided Makefile


./neuron_tcp_server [-v[v]] [-d] [-l listen_address] [-p port] [-s dev1[,dev2[,dev3]]] [-i gpio1[,gpio2[,gpio3]]] [-b [baud1,..] [-f firmwaredir] [-c] --verbose --daemon --listen=... --port=... --spidev=... --interrupts=... --bauds=... --fwdir=... --check-firmware

Or see the attached neurontcp.service for systemd init system.

Serial lines of all products can be accessed in two ways:

SPI Overlay

Creates another three SPI devices for communication with all CPUs using custom GPIOs for CS (Chip Select) pins.


Use the install script (as described above) or call sh compile-dtc to compile the overlay and copy it to /boot/overlays, then add line dtoverlay=neuron-spi to /boot/config.txt. Also make sure that the default SPI device is commented out in the config #dtparam=spi=on.

Other notes & known issues

  • Parity of serial communication has to be set via the Modbus uart_config register; the rest of serial configuration (comm speed etc.) can be set when opening the PTY
  • Have a look instead at our kernel driver source code if you wish to try to integrate our more in-depth interface into your image.
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