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Demo integration for laravel-filemanager (
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app initialize unisharp/laravel-filemanager Oct 26, 2016
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config updated config May 6, 2018
database add database.sqlite Jun 8, 2017
deploy add docker file Aug 21, 2017
public init Oct 26, 2016
resources initialize unisharp/laravel-filemanager Oct 26, 2016
routes auto login Jan 25, 2017
storage init Oct 26, 2016
tests init Oct 26, 2016
.env.example change database driver to sqlite Jan 11, 2017
.gitattributes init Oct 26, 2016
.gitignore git should ignore lfm folders in public Jan 11, 2017
Makefile Overwrite existing config Mar 27, 2018
artisan init Oct 26, 2016
composer.json Revert "let create-project of composer work" Aug 18, 2017
composer.lock upgrade to v1.7.6 Apr 28, 2017
docker-compose.yml add docker file Aug 21, 2017
gulpfile.js init Oct 26, 2016
package.json init Oct 26, 2016
phpunit.xml init Oct 26, 2016 Fix small typo Jun 19, 2018
server.php init Oct 26, 2016
yarn.lock init Oct 26, 2016

Laravel Filemanager Integration Demo

This project already integrated unisharp/laravel-filemanager with a clean Laravel. Allowing developers to try out all features without integrating into their projects. End-to-end tests are also included, which developers should test their codes before sending new pull requests.

Init this project

  1. Clone and cd into this project
  2. make init
  3. php artisan serve
  4. Go to your browser and visit localhost:8000/laravel-filemanager/demo

Notes for developers

Remember to run make test, make sure all tests are passed before sending new pull requests.

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