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@@ -201,8 +201,11 @@ The test MegaMol simple start the front end executable. Open a console and chang
the MegaMol start script:


$ ./


> mmconsole.exe
The resulting output should look something like this:
@@ -258,8 +261,11 @@ Alternatively, you can descend into the bin directory and start the front end di
This direct invocation is not recommended. Thus, the remaining examples in this manual will assume that you use the start shell script. MegaMol should start and print several messages to the console. The leading number of each line is the log level. There should be no output of warnings (log level of 100 or less) or errors (log level 1). The output should match the one above. For a better test, you should invoke MegaMol requesting a simple rendering. Then you can be sure that the graphics drivers, graphics libraries, and shader codes are correctly found and are working. To do this, try:
$ ./ -p ../examples/testspheres.lua
> mmconsole.exe -p ..\examples\testspheres.lua

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