Comprehensive University Timetabling System
tomas-muller HQL Reports: Export CSV
- fixed ability to export HQL report as CSV when the query contains a single-choice parameter (like SUBJECT or DEPARTMENT)
- this fixes an issue introduced in commit 0dd84a0, with the ability to provide individual report parameters
Latest commit 712efaa Sep 21, 2018


Comprehensive University Timetabling System

UniTime is a comprehensive educational scheduling system that supports developing course and exam timetables, managing changes to these timetables, sharing rooms with other events, and scheduling students to individual classes. It is a distributed system that allows multiple university and departmental schedule managers to coordinate efforts to build and modify a schedule that meets their diverse organizational needs while allowing for minimization of student course conflicts. It can be used alone to create and maintain a school's schedule of classes and/or exams, or interfaced with an existing student information system.

The system was originally developed as a collaborative effort by faculty, students, and staff at universities in North America and Europe. The softwar e is distributed free under an open source license in hopes that other colleges and universities can benefit their students through better scheduling or wish to contribute to ongoing research in this area.