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MPD Notify

MPD Notify notifies you on MPD's state. It will send a notification on song change and on play/pause/stop; it is not a notification daemon by itself.


MPD Notify supports connecting to remote instances. You can pass the -c option to change host and -p to change ports:

-c host   the server's host name, IP address or Unix socket path.
-p port   the TCP port to connect to, 0 for default port. If "host" is a Unix socket path, this parameter is ignored.


To be able compile and run MPD Notify, you will need to have the following dependencies installed:

  • libnotify
  • libmpdclient

To build and install, just run the following commands:

$ make
# make clean install


For any bug or request fill an issue on GitHub.


I have forked the original project by Christian Hesse ( and as such, all credit should still be given to him. I asked for his permission to upload this and it has been granted.

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License and should be treated as such. See COPYING for more information.

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