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The Minicloud is hosted by the University of Campinas - Unicamp, which is an academic member of the OpenPower Foundation. It provides free access to Power® virtual machines that can be used for development, testing or migration of applications to Power®. The virtual machines of Minicloud run on OpenStack®, which supports running a large number of virtual machines on a single scale-out Linux server.

Watch this video to learn how to access you Minicloud instance:


When accessing your vm via ssh it is important to pay attention to how the port number is built. Let’s suppose your vm got the IP, in order to access it you must execute ssh -p 40000. The port is always a number with 5 digits, where the first two digits are the third octet and the last digits are the last octet. Following this rule, the IP becomes the port 40001 and the IP becomes the port 59254.

You can request access here.

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