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Easily undo/redo any state in React, no external dependencies
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react-undoable 🔄

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Easily undo/redo any state in React, no redux required.

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$ yarn add react-undoable


This library utilizes TypeScript and exposes a full set of TypeScript definitions.


This library exposes a default Undoable component that is used to manage the state you wish to undo/redo. This component wraps any number of child components and provides a simple API to manage the state.


import * as React from 'react'
import Undoable, { IUndoable } from 'react-undoable'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'

 * Props
interface IMyComponentProps extends IUndoable<IMyComponentState> {}

 * State
interface IMyComponentState {
  count: number
  random: number

// Define initial state
const initialState IMyComponentState = {
  count: 0,
  random: 42,

 * Sample undoable component
 * Allows us to add and subtract numbers. Simple, but shows off the functionality
 * **Important:** This component does not define it's own state. Instead, we defer state
 * management to the `Undoable` component. Optionally, we can define our supposed state
 * using TypeScript for easier management.
class MyComponent extends React.Component<IMyComponentProps> {
   * Count up - This demonstrates pushing a complete state to the stack
  up = () => {
    // We get "currentState" and "pushState" props from our `Undoable`
    const { currentState, pushState } = this.props
    // Do not call setState, but instead push the state
    return pushState({
      count: currentState.count + 1,

   * Count down
  down = () => {
    const { currentState, pushState } = this.props
    return pushState({
      count: currentState.count - 1,

   * Generate random number - Will update the state but will not be reflected in an undo/redo
  random = () => {
    const { currentState, updateState } = this.props
    return updateState({
      count: currentState.count - 1,

  render() {
    const { currentState, undo, redo, resetState } = this.props

    return (
        <h1>Count: {currentState.count}</h1>
        <h4>Random {currentState.random}</h4>
          <a onClick={this.up}>Up</a>
          {` | `}
          <a onClick={this.down}>Down</a>
          {` | `}
          <a onClick={this.random}>Random</a>
          <a onClick={undo}>Undo</a>
          {` | `}
          <a onClick={redo}>Redo</a>
          {` | `}
          <a onClick={resetState}>Reset</a>

 * In our main application (or anywhere), we can wrap MyComponent in Undoable
 * to give it undo/redo functionality
const App = () => (
  <Undoable initialState={initialState}
    {undoable => (
      <MyComponent {...undoable} />

// That's it, render your application however you normally do
ReactDOM.render(App, '#app')


react-undoable exposes a small API to use in your child components.

<Undoable />

Initializes the main Undoable component that manages state. Renders a child function that passed the different state trees and methods to manage state.


interface IUndoableProps<T> {
  initialState: T
  children(props: IUndoableState<T> & IUndoableMethods<T>): React.ReactNode


The Undoable component passes down the following methods in the child function.

pushState(state: T): void

Pushes a new state to the stack. This tracks the change so it can be undone or redone.

updateState(state: T): void

Update the state but do not track the change. This is useful for when you want to update the state but do not want undo/redo to apply the previous change (e.g. highlighting a selected layer)

undo(): void

Undo the current state and replace with the previously tracked state.

redo(): void

Redo a previous undone state.

resetState(): void

Reset the state stack so there are no undos/redos.

Use Cases

Astral TableTop allows Game Masters to build feature-rich dungeons and maps using a "Map Builder", a feature which resembles many familiar photo editing interfaces and contains basic functionality such as undo/redo for editing actions. This library allows developers to create undo/redo functionality for any React Component with minimal overhead.

We open-sourced this library in hopes that other projects might find it useful 💙



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