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CloudStream AWIPS

This docker image contains an instance of Unidata AWIPS CAVE running in a virtual X11 environment provided by CloudStream, accessed via a web browser.


From the command line, run

docker run -p 6080:6080 -it unidata/cloudawips

and then open http://localhost:6080

Build AWIPS CAVE Docker Image

git clone
cd CloudAWIPS
make build


  • Specify the width and height on the command line:

    docker run -p 6080:6080 -e SIZEW=1024 -e SIZEH=768 unidata/cloudawips
  • This repository uses a modified which overrides the unidata/cloudstream:centos7 file of the same name.

  • AWIPS CAVE is the only application accessible through this app streaming environment, and is run full-screen, with no window decorations or titlebar.

  • If you wish to run multiple sessions, or leverage dynamic port mapping, you would start CloudAWIPS as follows:

    docker run -P -it unidata/cloudawips
  • By default, CloudAWIPS does not use a password. You may secure your CloudAWIPS session with a password by using the USEPASS environmental variable to set a password for the session.

    docker run -e USEPASS="password" -P -it unidata/cloudawips
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