GARP (GEMPAK Analysis and Rendering Program)


Author: Michael James,

Organization: None

Last Updated: January 2013


GARP (GEMPAK Analysis and Rendering Program) is an X-Windows/Motif software application originally developed by the UCAR Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET), for the display and analysis of meteorological data sets. Supported data sets include model data, satellite imagery in NOAAPort GINI format or MCIDAS area file format, NIDS and Nowrad radar data, surface data and upper air data.

GARP was previously maintained by the Unidata Program Center at UCAR.

This software package is released under the MIT license contained in the "LICENSE" file.


GARP requires GEMPAK be installed and the appropriate Gemenviron or Gemenviron.profile file be sourced.

The source tarball will unpack into the directory garp:

    cd garp
    make all
    make install

GARP executables will be installed in the GEMPAK binary executable directory $OS_BIN and NTL tables in $GEMTBL/config will be updated to include GARP as a menu selection in the program NTL.