Routines that encode meteorological data in netCDF format
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Greetings! This file briefly describes the Unidata netCDF Decoders package.

Table of Contents

Notice of Deprecation

The netCDF Decoders package is no longer being actively maintained or supported by the Unidata Program Center.


The netCDF Decoders convert Textual Reports to netCDF format. To convert both GRIB 1 and GRIB 2 data, use the netCDF Java package

Reference the RELEASE-NOTES for version-specific information.


See the file INSTALL in the top-level src directory of the netCDF Decoders distribution for installation instructions.

If needed, reference the CUSTOMIZE file for instructions on how to customizing the configuation process.

Support & Mailing List Archives

Support Archives

The Unidata Program Center is no longer providing support for the netCDF Decoders package.

However, you can also view past netCDF Decoders support questions answered by Unidata developers in an archive maintained by Unidata as a courtesy to our users.

Defunct Mailing List

The netCDF Decoders had a community mailing list associated with it at one time. The mailing list is no longer active, but the list archive is still available for reference.