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This is the official release of netCDF-C 4.4.1.

This release provides compatibility with libhdf5 1.10.0+; previous versions of netCDF will generate binary files which cannot be read on systems using older versions of libhdf5. A summary of changes between this official release and the previous release candidate are as follows:

  • [File Change] Starting with release 4.4.1, netCDF-4 files created will have superblock version 0 instead of superblock version 2, as was observed in previous netCDF versions. This is due to a workaround required to avoid backwards binary incompatibility when using libhdf5 1.10.x or greater. Superblock versions 0 and 2 appear to be forward and backward compatible. Other than a different superblock number the data should remain consistent.
  • [Enhancement] Added better error reporting when ncdump/nccopy are given a bad constraint in a DAP url. See GitHub #279 for more information.

Full release notes are available here.