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9/29/07 (john)
both mlode and modev were hung. mlode needed a kill -9. not sure why. restarted.
install version 3.16.19 on motherlode : fix a few bugs in metar ncss
remove OPenDAP server for BUFR data (Station/Vertical Soundings) until we can deal with nested sequences.
6/20/2007 (john)
add idd/rtmodels.xml (chiz WRF models), but dont link into catalog until we can deal with moving horiz domain
add metar aggregation : rewriting files into ${tomcat}/content/thredds/public/stn/
change NetcdfService to NetcdfSubset everywhere
5/22/2007 JC mlode and modev:idd/radars.xml
add nexrad composite 1km, as both an aggregation and a DatasetScan.
rearrange services, clean up a bit.
5/12/2007 JC mlode: remove NetcdfServer service from idd/allModels.TDS-nc.xml.
This is not (yet) valid on netcdf files, and generates an exception in catalina.out (no return in threddsServlet.log).
5/12/2007 JC mlode: Exception in thread "Timer-18" java.lang.IllegalStateException: DiskCache2: not a directory or I/O error
dir= /opt/tomcatfmrcInventory
at ucar.nc2.util.DiskCache2.cleanCache(
at ucar.nc2.util.DiskCache2$
FmrcInventory starts up a DiskCache2, for clients; remove scouring, so it doesnt affect server.
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