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UnifiedPush is a set of specifications and tools that lets the user choose how push notifications are delivered. All in a free and open source way.


  1. specifications specifications Public

    UnifiedPush Specifications

    82 8

  2. documentation documentation Public

    Documentaton about UnifiedPush

    HTML 32 27

  3. common-proxies common-proxies Public

    Rewrite Proxy for UnifiedPush written in Go

    Go 22 8

  4. android-connector android-connector Public

    UnifiedPush connector library

    Kotlin 28 6

  5. android-example android-example Public

    Example how to use UP-lib

    Kotlin 16 7

  6. android-embedded_fcm_distributor android-embedded_fcm_distributor Public

    Embedded FCM Distributor for android

    Kotlin 3 6


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