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As of Monday 30 September 2019, this project is no longer maintained by Uninett.

A maintained fork of the project is available at:

The original code is still available on the master branch at:

A copy of the announcement we sent to the mailing list is available below:

Shutting down mod_auth_mellon


as many of you may have noticed, Uninett has not been a very active contributor to mod_auth_mellon for several years – neither helping users troubleshoot their configuration, nor fixing issues.

We have discussed the situation internally and have concluded that we cannot continue maintaining this project going forwards. We are no longer really using mod_auth_mellon ourselves, so prioritizing spending time on this project is hard to justify for us.

Instead of giving the impression that we are still maintaining the project while not spending the required time on it, we feel that it is better to make the situation clear and shut it down from our end.

We do hope that if there is community interest, someone else will pick up the project, but that is something that the community will have to arrange by itself.

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to the project through the years, both for pull requests implementing fixes and features and for helping with issues and support requests.

Lastly, a couple of practical matters:

  • The GitHub project has been updated to reflect the status of the project and marked as archived, but the code is still available in the master branch:

    It should still be possible to fork and clone the repository but be aware that you will have to manually do a checkout of the master branch to get the actual code. If you fork it on GitHub, you will have to change the default branch back to the master branch.

  • The mailing list will be shut down in a couple of weeks.

Best regards,
Olav Morken
Uninett / Feide