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Plugin for Lithium
Copyright & License
Design Plugin for Lithium is Copyright (c) 2010, Union of RAD
if not otherwise stated. The code is distributed under the terms
of the BSD License. For the full license text see the LICENSE.txt
Clone the repository with `git clone`.
In order to be able to clone you must register an account on
(this helps with getting involved i.e. for filing tickets later). Get help
on how to do so at
You can also download versions as archives
In case you downloaded extract it first. You now have to register your plugin
as a library within your application in `config/bootstrap/libraries.php`.
Just add `Libraries::add('li3_design');` at the bottom of the file. Should your
plugin not be located in one of the library paths (i.e. `<app>/libraries`)
you must also specify a path `Libraries::add('li3_design', array('path' => ...));`.
The plugin contains following tools:
- A `Dummy` helper which is able to generate filler text and placeholder images.
- A `View` class with template locator.