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## Presentation
-Thin plugin provide fixtures managment over connections. Should work with any kind of `Source` adapaters.
+This plugin provide fixtures managment. Should work with any kind of `Source` adapaters.
-## Dependencies
+## Note
-This plugin needs [li3_sqltools]( if you want to make it work with li3's `Database` adapters. For schema less datasources, adapters must return `false` on `::enabled('schema')` call.
+The fixture class support the following datasource's hints:
+- If `Source::enabled('schema')` returns `true`, the `Fixture` manage schema (i.e create/drop) via `Source::createSchema()` & `Source::dropSchema()`.
+- If `Source::enabled('sources')` returns `true`, the `Fixture` allow soft drop (i.e safe options).
## API

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