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Code quality assurance for li3.
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Improve the code quality of your Lithium applications

This project is a 100% Lithium based replacement for the li3_qa library, which in turn depends on phpca.

Build Status

Here are some of the key features:

  • Detect coding-standard violations.
  • Find weak- or untested classes/methods.
  • No external dependencies.
  • Color-Highlighting.
  • Integrates into the Lithium test dashboard.
  • Runs on Windows without hassle.
  • Cool shortcuts to ease your workflow.


Clone the repository in your libraries path and then add this line to the config/bootstrap/libraries.php file:

 * Add some plugins:

If you open the test dashboard (under /test in your browser), you can should have an additional Syntax button to check the files directly in your browser.


If you run the li3 command from your console, you'll now find the syntax command with its various params:

$ li3 quality
Lithium console started in the development environment. Use the --env=environment key to alter this.
    li3 quality syntax
    li3 quality documented
    li3 quality coverage
    The Quality command helps you to run static code analysis on your codebase.
        Checks the syntax of your class files through static code analysis.
        Checks for undocumented classes or methods inside the library.
        Lists code coverage for a given threshold (100 by default).
        The library to run the quality checks on.
        If `--silent` is used, only failures are shown.
        If `--slient NUM` is used, only classes below this coverage are shown.

The "syntax" command

If you just run it with li3 quality syntax, it will run all rules against your app library.

$ li3 quality syntax
Lithium Syntax Check
Performing 16 rules on 6 classes.
[FAIL] app\models\Authors
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
7       1               Trailing whitespace found
[OK] app\models\Groups
[OK] app\models\Posts
[FAIL] app\controllers\HelloWorldController
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
17      -               Function "to_string" is not in camelBack style
21      -               Function "to_json" is not in camelBack style
24      1               Trailing whitespace found
[FAIL] app\controllers\PagesController
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
32      1               Trailing whitespace found
34      1               Trailing whitespace found
28      -               Protected Method "view" does not start with "_"
33      -               Protected Method "foobar" does not start with "_"

If you have lots of files to check (for example if you test against the lithium core), you can pass the --silent option to only show errors. The --library param allows you to run the checks against a different library:

$ li3 quality syntax --silent --library=lithium
Lithium Syntax Check
Performing 16 rules on 375 classes.
[FAIL] lithium\tests\cases\net\http\RouteTest
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
383     103             Maximum line length exceeded
[FAIL] lithium\tests\cases\console\command\LibraryTest
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
241     101             Maximum line length exceeded
[FAIL] lithium\test\Unit
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
1017    102             Maximum line length exceeded
[FAIL] lithium\data\Entity
Line    Position        Violation
----    --------        ---------
379     111             Maximum line length exceeded
381     110             Maximum line length exceeded

Custom rules set

By default, li3 quality syntax command looks for a set of rules to apply, defined in {checked-library}/test/rules.json. Otherwise it uses the default rules set. You can customize this configuration file to suit your own quality standards, by removing unwanted rules, or by adding your own rules classes at {:library}/extensions/test/rules/YourCustomRule.php.

GIT Pre Commit Hook

This pre commit hook is based upon the example found in .git/hooks/pre-commit.sample. Copy the sample script to /path/to/project/.git/hooks/pre-commit and make it executable. Then, replace the code in the script with the code shown below and adjust the paths to Lithium QA and the li3 command.

cd /path/to/project
cp .git/hooks/pre-commit.sample .git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod a+x .git/hooks/pre-commit

Now add the following code to .git/hooks/pre-commit and adjust the APP and LI3 values.



if git-rev-parse --verify HEAD >/dev/null 2>&1
    # Initial commit: diff against an empty tree object


for FILE in `git diff-index --cached --name-only --diff-filter=AM ${AGAINST}`
    cd ${APP} && ${LI3} quality syntax ${PROJECT}/${FILE}
    test $? != 0 && EXIT_STATUS=1


Now when committing each file the syntax is checked. The commit is aborted if a check failed. If you don't want to have the hook run on commit pass the --no-verify option to git commit.

The "coverage" command

With li3 quality coverage you can get a summary of how well your classes are covered with tests. This makes use of some xdebug functions, so make sure to have it installed.

$ li3 quality coverage
Lithium Code Coverage
Checking coverage on 6 classes.
   no test |     n/a | app\models\Authors
   no test |     n/a | app\models\Groups
   no test |     n/a | app\models\Posts
   no test |     n/a | app\controllers\HelloWorldController
   no test |     n/a | app\controllers\PagesController
   no test |     n/a | app\controllers\PostsController

You can also reuse the --library argument as well. In addition, this command provides an optional --threshold argument that only displays coverage below the given amount. This defaults to 100, so all classes will be shown. If you have coloring on your shell (likely not on windows), then the classes are colored to reflect the coverage policy of the Lithium framework (0% or no test is red, 85% or higher is green and the rest is yellow).

The "documented" command

This command needs to be implemented.


See the issue tracker for all tickets that are currently marked as "enhancement".

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