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2862f78 David Persson Updating *nix console to use sh instead of bash.
davidpersson authored
1 #!/bin/sh
e7f3c31 GWoo going lithium
gwoo authored
2 #
3 # Lithium: the most rad php framework
4 #
8310d0c Nate Abele Updating copyrights.
nateabele authored
5 # @copyright Copyright 2011, Union of RAD (
e7f3c31 GWoo going lithium
gwoo authored
6 # @license The BSD License
d1f82a4 David Persson Updating formatting in li3 command.
davidpersson authored
7 #
d8ba2e1 David Persson Updating *nix console wrapper, allowing it to be symlinked.
davidpersson authored
8 SELF=$0; test -L $0 && SELF=$(readlink -n $0)
93c5fb1 David Persson Removing bashism from li3 *nix console wrapper.
davidpersson authored
9 php -f $(dirname $SELF)/lithium.php -- "$@"
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