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* Lithium: the most rad php framework
* @copyright Copyright 2010, Union of RAD (
* @license The BSD License
* This is the path to the class libraries used by your application, and must contain a copy of the
* Lithium core. By default, this directory is named 'libraries', and resides in the same
* directory as your application. If you use the same libraries in multiple applications, you can
* set this to a shared path on your server.
define('LITHIUM_LIBRARY_PATH', dirname(dirname(__DIR__)) . '/libraries');
* This is the path to your application's directory. It contains all the sub-folders for your
* application's classes and files. You don't need to change this unless your webroot folder is
* stored outside of your app folder.
define('LITHIUM_APP_PATH', dirname(__DIR__));
* Locate and load Lithium core library files. Throws a fatal error if the core can't be found.
* If your Lithium core directory is named something other than 'lithium', change the string below.
if (!include LITHIUM_LIBRARY_PATH . '/lithium/core/Libraries.php') {
$message = "Lithium core could not be found. Check the value of LITHIUM_LIBRARY_PATH in ";
$message .= "config/bootstrap.php. It should point to the directory containing your ";
$message .= "/libraries directory.";
trigger_error($message, E_USER_ERROR);
* This file contains the loading instructions for all class libraries used in the application,
* including the Lithium core, and the application itself. These instructions include library names,
* paths to files, and any applicable class-loading rules. Also includes any statically-loaded
* classes to improve bootstrap performance.
require __DIR__ . '/bootstrap/libraries.php';
* This file contains configurations for connecting to external caching resources, as well as
* default caching rules for various systems within your application
// require __DIR__ . '/bootstrap/cache.php';
* This file contains your application's globalization rules, including inflections,
* transliterations, localized validation, and how localized text should be loaded. Uncomment this
* line if you plan to globalize your site.
// require __DIR__ . '/bootstrap/g11n.php';
* This file configures console filters and settings, specifically output behavior and coloring.
// require __DIR__ . '/bootstrap/console.php';
* This configures your session storage. The Cookie storage adapter must be connected first, since
* it intercepts any writes where the `'expires'` key is set in the options array. When creating a
* new application, it is suggested that you change the value of `'key'` below.
// use \lithium\storage\Session;
// Session::config(array(
// 'default' => array('adapter' => 'Php')
// ));
* The `Collection` class, which serves as the base class for some of Lithium's data objects
* (`RecordSet` and `Document`) provides a way to manage data collections in a very flexible and
* intuitive way, using closures and SPL interfaces. The `to()` method allows a `Collection` (or
* subclass) to be converted to another format, such as an array. The `Collection` class also allows
* other classes to be connected as handlers to convert `Collection` objects to other formats.
* The following connects the `Media` class as a format handler, which allows `Collection`s to be
* exported to any format with a handler provided by `Media`, i.e. JSON. This enables things like
* the following:
* {{{
* $posts = Post::find('all');
* return $posts->to('json');
* }}}
// use \lithium\util\Collection;
// Collection::formats('\lithium\net\http\Media');
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