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* Lithium: the most rad php framework
* @copyright Copyright 2012, Union of RAD (
* @license The BSD License
namespace lithium\analysis;
use UnexpectedValueException;
* The `Logger` class provides a consistent, application-wide interface for configuring and writing
* log messages. As with other subclasses of `Adaptable`, `Logger` can be configured with a series
* of named configurations, each containing a log adapter to write to. `Logger` exposes a single
* method, `write()`, which can write to one or more log adapters.
* When configuring adapters, you may specify one or more priorities for each, using the
* `'priority'` key. This key can be a single priority level (string), or an array of multiple
* levels. When a log message is written, all adapters that are configured to accept the priority
* level with which the message was written will receive the message.
* {{{
* Logger::config(array(
* 'default' => array('adapter' => 'Syslog'),
* 'badnews' => array(
* 'adapter' => 'File',
* 'priority' => array('emergency', 'alert', 'critical', 'error')
* )
* ));
* }}}
* In the above configuration, all messages will be written to the system log (`syslogd`), but only
* messages with the priority `error` or higher will be logged to a file. Messages can then be
* written to the log(s) using the `write()` method:
* {{{ Logger::write('alert', 'This is an alert-level message that will be logged in 2 places'); }}}
* Messages can also be written using the log priority as a method name:
* {{{ Logger::alert('This is an alert-level message that will be logged in 2 places'); }}}
* This works identically to the above. The message priority levels which `Logger` supports are as
* follows: `emergency`, `alert`, `critical`, `error`, `warning`, `notice`, `info` and `debug`.
* Attempting to use any other priority level will raise an exception. See the list of available
* adapters for more information on what adapters are available, and how to configure them.
* @see lithium\analysis\logger\adapter
class Logger extends \lithium\core\Adaptable {
* Stores configurations for cache adapters.
* @var object `Collection` of logger configurations.
protected static $_configurations = array();
* Libraries::locate() compatible path to adapters for this class.
* @see lithium\core\Libraries::locate()
* @var string Dot-delimited path.
protected static $_adapters = 'adapter.analysis.logger';
* An array of valid message priorities.
* @var array
protected static $_priorities = array(
'emergency' => 0,
'alert' => 1,
'critical' => 2,
'error' => 3,
'warning' => 4,
'notice' => 5,
'info' => 6,
'debug' => 7
* Writes a message to one or more log adapters, where the adapters that are written to are the
* ones that respond to the given priority level.
* @param string $priority The priority of the log message to be written.
* @param string $message The message to be written.
* @param array $options An array of adapter-specific options that may be passed when writing
* log messages. Some options are also handled by `Logger` itself:
* - `'name'` _string_: This option can be specified if you wish to write to a
* specific adapter configuration, instead of writing to the adapter(s) that
* respond to the given priority.
* @return boolean Returns `true` if all log writes succeeded, or `false` if _any or all_ writes
* failed.
* @throws UnexpectedValueException If the value of `$priority` is not a defined priority value,
* an `UnexpectedValueException` will be thrown.
* @filter
public static function write($priority, $message, array $options = array()) {
$defaults = array('name' => null);
$options += $defaults;
$result = true;
if ($name = $options['name']) {
$methods = array($name => static::adapter($name)->write($priority, $message, $options));
} elseif (!isset(static::$_priorities[$priority])) {
$message = "Attempted to write log message with invalid priority `{$priority}`.";
throw new UnexpectedValueException($message);
} else {
$methods = static::_configsByPriority($priority, $message, $options);
foreach ($methods as $name => $method) {
$params = compact('priority', 'message', 'options');
$config = static::_config($name);
$result &= static::_filter(__FUNCTION__, $params, $method, $config['filters']);
return $methods ? $result : false;
* Acts as a proxy for the `write()` method, allowing log message priority names to be called as
* methods, i.e.:
* {{{
* Logger::emergency('Something bad happened.');
* // This is equivalent to Logger::write('emergency', 'Something bad happened')
* }}}
* @param string $priority The name of the method called on the `Logger` class. This should map
* to a log type.
* @param array $params An array of parameters passed in the method.
* @return boolean Returns `true` or `false`, depending on the success of the `write()` method.
public static function __callStatic($priority, $params) {
$params += array(null, array());
return static::write($priority, $params[0], $params[1]);
* This method is called automatically to initialize the default configuration of a log adapter,
* such that the adapter defaults to accepting log messages of any priority (i.e. the
* `'priority'` key is set to `true`).
* @param string $name The name of the logger configuration.
* @param array $config The logger configuration as specified in application code.
* @return array Returns an array of configuration data, merged with default values.
protected static function _initConfig($name, $config) {
$defaults = array('priority' => true);
return parent::_initConfig($name, $config) + $defaults;
* Gets the names of the adapter configurations that respond to a specific priority. The list
* of adapter configurations returned will be used to write a message with the given priority.
* @param string $priority The priority level of a message to be written.
* @param string $message The message to write to the adapter.
* @param array $options Adapter-specific options.
* @return array Returns an array of names of configurations which are set up to respond to the
* message priority specified in `$priority`, or configured to respond to _all_ message
* priorities.
protected static function _configsByPriority($priority, $message, array $options = array()) {
$configs = array();
$key = 'priority';
foreach (array_keys(static::$_configurations) as $name) {
$config = static::config($name);
$nameMatch = ($config[$key] === true || $config[$key] === $priority);
$arrayMatch = (is_array($config[$key]) && in_array($priority, $config[$key]));
if ($nameMatch || $arrayMatch) {
$method = static::adapter($name)->write($priority, $message, $options);
$method ? $configs[$name] = $method : null;
return $configs;
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