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* Lithium: the most rad php framework
* @copyright Copyright 2011, Union of RAD (
* @license The BSD License
namespace lithium\test;
* This is the base class for integration tests.
* Integration tests are for determining that different parts of the framework will work
* together (integrate) as expected. An example of a common integration test would be for
* ensuring that an adapter interacts correctly with the class it is designed to interface
* with. Example: the `Session` class and the `Php` adapter. Unit tests will ensure that
* both the `Session` and `Php` classes behave correctly under isolation, while an integration
* test ensures that the two classes interact and interface correctly.
class Integration extends \lithium\test\Unit {
* Auto init for applying Integration filter to this test class.
* @return void
protected function _init() {
$this->applyFilter('run', function($self, $params, $chain) {
$before = $self->results();
$chain->next($self, $params, $chain);
$after = $self->results();
while (count($after) > count($before)) {
$result = array_pop($after);
if ($result['result'] == 'fail') {
return false;
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