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+# Contributing guidelines
+Thank you for your interest in contributing to Lithium! This project is built by a thriving community of developers who value cutting-edge technology and concise, maintainable code. If you've found a bug, or have an idea for a feature, we encourage your participation in making Lithium better.
+Here's what you need to stick to in order to have the best chance of getting your code pushed to the core:
+ * **Integration**: all pull requests should be submitted against the [`dev`]( branch for integration testing
+ * **Conceptual integrity**: code should conform to the goals of the framework
+ * **Maintainability**: code should pass existing tests, have adequate test coverage and should conform to our coding standards & QA guidelines
+ * **Comprehensibility**: code should be concise and expressive, and should be accompanied by new documentation as appropriate, or updates to existing docs
+Please see the full documentation over at the [contribution guidelines]( at [](

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