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Making docblock for `Form::field()` less ambiguous.

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commit 55fd8002c736e53ef07d4050224cfb9c10c7c080 1 parent 74756b0
@nateabele nateabele authored
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  1. +1 −1  template/helper/Form.php
2  template/helper/Form.php
@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ public function __call($type, array $params = array()) {
* parameters. By default, the label text is a human-friendly version of `$name`.
* However, you can specify the label manually as a string, or both the label
* text and options as an array, i.e.:
- * `array('label text' => array('class' => 'foo', 'any' => 'other options'))`.
+ * `array('Your Label Title' => array('class' => 'foo', 'other' => 'options'))`.
* - `'type'` _string_: The type of form field to render. Available default options
* are: `'text'`, `'textarea'`, `'select'`, `'checkbox'`, `'password'` or
* `'hidden'`, as well as any arbitrary type (i.e. HTML5 form fields).
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