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@@ -18,6 +18,19 @@ The design decision behind using PHP's short echo syntax is because it's a
familiar syntax and it helps developers focus more on what data _should not_ be
escaped vs. what data _needs_ to be escaped.
+One special case situation to take _important_ note of, is the use of
+`<?=$this->foo()?>`. In this scenario, the code is translated to
+`<?php echo $this->foo(); ?>` rather than being filtered through `$h()` as with
+the former explanation. When direct access to a method or property on `$this` is
+contained in the shorthand syntax, it will be output as normal without being
+filtered. This is to make it easier to work with helpers that return markup.
+An example would be something like: {{{
+... my form here ...
**Note:** `$h()` is the HTML escape function used in views.
**Note:** To output regular, unescaped text, use plain old `<?php echo ...; ?>`.

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