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Using IIS 7.5 on Windows7 with rewriting enabled.

While retrieving the request url via $params['request']->to('url') in a run filter to Dispatcher it throws a notice "Array to string conversion in libraries\lithium\util\String.php on line 245". By disabling notices, the returning url contains array in place of a query string.

This only occurs when the querystring is empty, thus sending an empty array as $options['query'] to \lithium\net\htttp\Request::to($format, $options).

Line 163 makes sure $options['query'] is a string, but only if it's non-empty.

if ($options['query'] && is_array($options['query'])) {
    $options['query'] = $this->queryString($options['query']);

Removing the first condition resolved my problem.

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hi litek,

thanks for your ticket. can you provide a short test-case or url example that we can reproduce? Thanks again!

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@daschl If the submitter is not able to provide a test case, could you work with @Ciaro to produce one? Thanks!

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@nateabele of course, let's see what we can do. If we come up with something, I think it would be a good idea to push it into the windows branch.


Apologies for the late reply, I just got back from a short vacation.

Added a sample test case here: litek/lithium@a9622fc
Currently fails with expected: '' result: ''

On a side note, also two other tests fail:
Assertion 'assertEqual' failed in lithium\tests\cases\action\RequestTest::testRemoteAddrFromHttpPcRemoteAddr() on line 128: expected: '123.456.789.000' result: ''
Assertion 'assertEqual' failed in lithium\tests\cases\action\RequestTest::testType() on line 283: expected: 'html' result: ''


testRemoteAddrFromHttpPcRemoteAddr() seems to fail on every setup I'm testing Lithium on (Zend Server for Windows, IIS on a Plesk 10 Server, Debian+Apache on Virtualbox).

@gwoo gwoo added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 20, 2011
@gwoo gwoo fixing issue #19 on github where passing an empty array for a value t…
…o String::insert() throws error.
@gwoo gwoo closed this Jul 20, 2011
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