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Mysql hasMany relationships spawns a subquery? #436

marcghorayeb opened this Issue Apr 23, 2012 · 11 comments


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marcghorayeb commented Apr 23, 2012


Why do hasMany relationships spawn 2 queries, one to get IDs, and the second to get all the data? Is there a way to disable this behavior? I found the lines to comment so that the subquery isn't spawned but I don't know why it's there in the first place?


jails commented May 7, 2012

It makes limit working correctly with JOIN.


Howard3 commented May 19, 2012

When you perform a hasMany with a limit the id's must be fetched with the limit, then the joined query with the fetched id's.

When MySQL runs a query with a join, each additional member of that join is a returned result which counts against limit. So if you fetch with a limit of three, but the first result's hasMany has 10 joined records, you will only be fetching three of those, and none of the other primary table records.

@Howard3 Howard3 closed this May 19, 2012


marcghorayeb commented May 19, 2012

okay i understand the reasoning now, thank you :)


hans-d commented Jun 15, 2012

@Howard3... That is only true when the model is actually using the hasMany during that query. When doing a find without the hasMany, the group by should not be needed (but currently still is).


Howard3 commented Jun 15, 2012


If this is doing this with all queries (not just ones w/ hasmany + limit) then something is wrong and needs to be investigated. Can you show a query where it's doing the group by on a non-hasMany query?

Best Regards,


hans-d commented Jun 16, 2012

It does this with all queries:

  • where the model has defined an $hasMany relationship
  • the defined relationships are not used in the query (thus only 1 table is selected from)
  • the query uses a limit, eg ::all(array('limit' => 200))

Howard3 commented Jun 17, 2012

@hans-d if you can make a test for this I'd be glad to look at it.


marcghorayeb commented Jun 18, 2012

I think by the looks of it, that line 271 in Database.php is the culprit.
It only checks if the model has a hasMany relationship, not if the query actually uses it.


Howard3 commented Jun 18, 2012

@marcghorayeb Indeed. I'll try to get a test/patch in for that tonight. Thanks!


hans-d commented Jun 18, 2012

yup - I was looking at the same suspect. Had no time yet to make a testcase for this one that can be used here. I have it using my test setup, but that uses a mock sql backend that is not in li3 (yet?)


hans-d commented Jul 21, 2012

@Howard3 can this issue be re-opened or should we create a new issue (issue: unneeded subqueries when $hasMany defined in the model but not used for a query).

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