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Provide fast-fail to li3 test #584

darioghilardi opened this Issue · 3 comments

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we're doing TDD with lithium and we run into a small but boring issue. When we run li3 test with a lot of fails (that happens when you make tests before writing the code), we get this kind of output:

This is really uncomfortable because you get a lot of output, so you need to scroll up and see which is the first error.
I'd like lithium to provide a feature called fast-fail or insta-fail for tests, which is already shipped with rspec and shows directly the first error. I guess it should be a flag to the li3 test command.
I'd like to listen for your opinions about this.


In other words, only show the first error?


Shortly, yes. With a parameter to the li3 test command, it will be awesome when you make TDD.


You can do this if your tests extend lithium\test\Integration.

@gwoo gwoo closed this
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