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Views for custom media types are not compiled #616

morcmarc opened this Issue · 3 comments

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1) I created an XML media type in media.php

Media::type('xml', array('application/xml'), array(
    'view' => 'lithium\template\View',
    'paths' => array(
        'template' => array(
        'layout' => '{:library}/views/layouts/default.xml.php'
    'conditions' => array('xml' => true)

2) I created a few view files with .xml.php extension and a layout layouts/default.xml.php.

3) When I run my code on PHP 5.4.4 on Windows everything behaves as expected.

4) When I run my code on Ubuntu 12.04, PHP 5.3.10ubuntu3.2 with Suhosin-Patch the <?= tags are not escaped. If I have my short tags turned on in the php.ini I get an error message.

Note: html media types are escaped properly, it affects the xml files only.


Correction: it seems I managed to break .html.php files as well by turning the short open tags off.


Double check that your resources/tmp/cache/templates directory exists and is writable (chmod -R 777 resources/).
Lithium parse <?= tags, render and compile templates files and write them to this directory.


Yep, it solved the problem, even though I'm not sure why I didn't get an error message about the problem (I have logging and display errors turned on).

@morcmarc morcmarc closed this
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