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rmarscher commented Aug 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

This is an RFC idea. Somehow I had in my head that Lithium had this via these base classes, but now I realize it's only custom implemented in a few classes.

Wouldn't it be nice for the core object classes to have a way to update the defaults that are configured when __construct/_init is run? You could inject different defaults for things in $_config and those that are configured via the $_autoConfig?

This specifically came up in a project where we wanted to override the $_classes array and realized we had to subclass to do so.

The lithium\net\http\Router has a config() method that does it for classes and unicode settings. It think it would be awesome if it was a feature of the core Object and StaticObject classes.


nateabele commented Aug 29, 2012

I'd have to see an example, but Lithium does support this. You can pass a 'classes' array to an instance, which will be merged with the list of existing dependencies.


mackstar commented Sep 22, 2012

@nateabele Don't you mean when you create an instance? You can't do this when it is already instantiated can you?


rmarscher commented Sep 22, 2012

I've been meaning to add more detail to this, but haven't had a chance to write up some gists. But yeah, you can't do it after instantiation. My use case is more for classes that you are not directly instantiating - like a Controller. The solution would be something like what Router::config() does. Or maybe making the __init methods called by Libraries::load() filterable.


nateabele commented Sep 22, 2012

You can filter Libraries::instance(), which is responsible for almost all object instantiation. Anything static should have a manipulable config() method.


rmarscher commented Sep 22, 2012

Ah, great. That might solve this. I'll check it out and most likely close this ticket.


jails commented Dec 14, 2012

Still an issue ?


rmarscher commented Dec 15, 2012

I'm closing. Thanks!

rmarscher closed this Dec 15, 2012

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