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Rails hybridizibility? #721

skopp opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Stupid question maybe. I'd rather ask so I know foe sure...
Or is there a rails alternative, because I love lithium


And I think I may just have kinda answered my own question:


I'm really not sure what you're asking, sorry.

@nateabele nateabele closed this

Sorry for the delayed reply... Li3 is a PHP based framework, right? A so-called MVC at that? What if I wanted to integrate its structure with (specifically) Refinery CMS' Rails MVC or more generically if that's unfeasible, a pure Ruby 193 one... before even trying, I thought I'd query if there would definitely be a conflict, or if it maybe kinda just possibly could be pulled off. From here both their layouts appear similar at a glance (Ruby or Rails and Li3).
I realise that that doesn't make it true.

If you still are not with me, a simple analogy: as much as I want to, the HTML syntax is (and fortunately so) rigorously set in stone in core aspects such that one can't create a class, .example in the stylesheet or <style> ... </style>, then invoke it within the HTML <body> with <div id="example"> tag. May well be possible, but not as is, nor is it meant to be possible, that's why there are id's and classes. So, let us assume as cold hard fact for the sake of this question that, it is just not worth the effort, is pretty much impossible and doesn't make sense either... one should just create a damn #example style element if they want to use <div id="example"> and {.example:('xyz') }; to be called in the HTML as <div class="example">.

Now, abstract that to mixing and matching frameworks. I have seen it done (e.g. using Python as a "good samaritan middleware buffer thing" for a Coffeescript app... or most of your Sublime Text packages in fact. In fact I deployed a Dropbox on a VMC cloud instance as a PHP app, using a Python CLI - I mention so many varying, unrelated implements to emphasize that I experiment a lot, more on that some other time maybe). In this case, I am simply asking for some enlightenment and one of two thngs: "no, don't waste your time" and why not, in brief; or "hmm, it could work, but you would have to...x, y and q".

I have tried my absolute best to explain.


HTH :-)

I'm not sure why you would though.

 Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to turn this into Ebay® for Githubbers™ See my comment below (or above, depends on how the client you use for Github™ Issues shows it    

Oh, it helps.

Thank you. I will pray that you go to Dev Heaven when you die, good sir.

  • You say "why", I say "why not?" - if you get me. If not, I'm used to it.
  • Not going to necessarily try to - I just needed to know if I was going mad, or already mad.

    Thanks for the help..



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