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When querying the CouchDB design sheet in the form of:

$result = Model::find('all' , array( 'conditions' => array ('design' => 'design', 'view' => 'all')));
(the design sheet filters out a part of the CouchDB collection)

the result contains two unwanted entries, namely:
["id"] => null
["rev"] => null
I traced this back to
more specifically the introduced shorthand if expression in the _format method.

The issue is resolved by replacing it with an explicit if statement
$data[$key] = $data["
and the removal of line 494.


Can a pull request be sent with a valid test?


How should this test look like?
Should i write a method for the CouchDB or would a simple
"do this do that" (as seen above) attached to the pull request do?
Are there any guidelines for how a pull request should look like?


@leonardp Thanks for the report. The simplest way would be to write a test that calls CouchDb::item() with a $data parameter that triggers the offending issue (because item() passes its data to _format()).

For examples on how to write tests (and where to put them), check out the testItem() method of CouchDbTest:

For general information on submitting patches, please review our Contributor Guide. Thanks again!

Btw, @BlaineSch, that Branching section should probably be updated based on that conversation we had about branch naming, but I don't remember where we ended up. Do you?


Looks good to me. Merged. :-)

jails commented Apr 13, 2013

Same as #873 fixed in fadf37b

@jails jails closed this Apr 13, 2013
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