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jails commented May 24, 2012

seems invalidate #142

agborkowski and others added some commits Aug 19, 2011
@agborkowski @nateabele agborkowski issue 82 Constraint Complex Array a23d562
@mackstar @nateabele mackstar Added tests that satisfy correction of issues #42 and #32 efb260d
@mackstar @nateabele mackstar Fixed type cast issue when value is an empty array ffa595b
@nateabele nateabele Implementing array-based filtering for `first()` and `find()` methods…
… in `\data\Collection`.
@mackstar @nateabele mackstar Tests are now passing for MongoDB fb7dae8
@rmarscher @nateabele rmarscher MongoDb Exporter test case for adding an array to an existing document 3c3f076
@mackstar @nateabele mackstar Added schema to Exporter tests 041edb2
@rspenc29 @nateabele rspenc29 Updated _mapRecord() to remove nulls caused by left joins in hasMany …
@mackstar @nateabele mackstar Added array tests to exporter tests ee62b0c
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up formatting in `\data\collection\RecordSet`. b97d65a
@smergler @nateabele smergler by resetting the schema and/or adding properties we break save, this …
…should not happen.
@housebolt @nateabele housebolt Fixed incorrect pathKey for 'objects' document 8625b30
@nateabele nateabele Fixing `Database` test, enabling complex constraints in `Query` objects. 16358a5
@nateabele nateabele Disabling redundant file storage option in MongoDB. 4f213eb
@nateabele nateabele Throwing exceptions on supported constraint operators. 2cd4ecc
@nateabele nateabele Implementing array-based filtering for `first()` and `find()` methods…
… in `\data\Collection`.
@nateabele nateabele Implementing `Schema` class. 929f14c
@daschl @nateabele daschl Data: adapting Mock DataSource to reflect recent changes in describe() 4370b44
@daschl @nateabele daschl Data: adapting datasources to reflect describe() changes and adding d…
…ocblock data.
@Howard3 @nateabele Howard3 wip schema implementation ccde28c
@nateabele nateabele QA fixes. db6cf17
@Howard3 @nateabele Howard3 wip schema implementation 674fc95
@nateabele nateabele Finishing integration of new `Schema` object into core. Adding access…
…or methods for convenience. Misc. refactoring. Updating tests and mocks.
@nateabele nateabele Removing deprecated method `\data\Model::_connection()`. 902c0cd
@nateabele nateabele Refactoring data namespace. Cutting out the middle man in mock classe…
…s to simplify testing.
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up model, entity and source tests. 4923f2a
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up Schema class and associated code, adding test cases. Clea…
…ning up unneeded dependencies in existing tests.
@rmarscher @nateabele rmarscher adding a mongodb exporter update test for a casted array of documents d15dacb
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up Schema and Document object tests. Minor fixes. 86d4d21
@nateabele nateabele Implementing `Entity::__toString()` and `Model::title()`, for default…
… title generation in string casting.
@nateabele nateabele Changing `Model::find('list')` to use new `title()` implementation. 2d1466c
@nateabele nateabele Implementing safe class-checking in `MongoDb` adapter constructor. 945d908
@nateabele nateabele Skipping Mongo data conversion tests in `Document` if Mongo not insta…
@nateabele nateabele Ensuring that model title gets restored when running tests. 4f208c8
@kalnado @nateabele kalnado allow for $and and $nor conditional operators f95aa83
@kalnado @nateabele kalnado added tests for mongodb conditional operators b6049c9
@nateabele nateabele Allowing `\data\Model::find()` to accept object keys. Cleaning up old…
… tests.
@nateabele nateabele Allowing schemas to be defined short-hand. Changing from `Exception` …
…to `RuntimeException` for locked schemas.
@nateabele nateabele Additional sanity checking for binding keys in `\data\model\Relations…
@nateabele nateabele Improving boolean operator recognition in `MongoDb` adapter. 8c8bd6b
@nateabele nateabele Improving integration of `Schema` object, misc. code cleanup. 2968e76
@nateabele nateabele Updating CouchDB to wrap documents inside `read()`. Updating CouchDB …
…test case. Breaking Schema classes into 3.
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up `Record` test. dea5b2f
@nateabele nateabele Misc. refactoring and test-updating. 2ba4af4
@nateabele nateabele Fixing document keying during cast. Misc. code cleanup. a66e1d7
@nateabele nateabele Refactoring `DocumentSchema::cast()` to reduce complexity. a0ea6e1
@nateabele nateabele Fixing schema handling in data tests. 9e52e59
@nateabele nateabele Fixing issue with manually coercing empty values to arrays. Adding do…
…cumentation to `DocumentSchema`.
@nateabele nateabele Refactoring `\data\Model` to remove unnecessary fields. f4bb38e
@rmarscher @nateabele rmarscher fix bug with iterating properties in Document with foreach more than …
…once (Document->rewind was not resetting $this->_data)

adding an additional iteration of foreach in DocumentTest::testPropertyIteration
@nealerickson @nateabele nealerickson Added support relationships with NULL constraints. Previously unable …
…to configure a hasMany constraint with a null value in order to generate an IS NULL condition.
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up `Database` tests. b90d591
@masom @nateabele masom Initial commit of PostgreSql Adapter. 799ff89
@masom @nateabele masom Moved my_sql result to pdo. Adds Postgresql tests. Currently fails du…
…e to schema being somewhat broken
@masom @nateabele masom Wrong typo/paste creeped in. 979fa78
@masom @nateabele masom Fixes lastInsertId 6bbf873
@nateabele nateabele Merge branch 'master' into data cdaf927
@jails @nateabele jails Fix some bugs of new Schema object integration d4bb04a
@jails @nateabele jails Fix typo. 4616f61
@jails @nateabele jails Fix typo. 147b2ae
@jails @nateabele jails Fix typo again. 21ee634
@jails @nateabele jails Disable Model::Config() call on autoload 5d41fdc
@jails @nateabele jails Fix test case. 9ee0e5d
@jails @nateabele jails Refactor Model::Config() for a lazier database connection and relatio…
…ns initialization
@jails @nateabele jails Fix comment. b71fb03
@nealerickson @nateabele nealerickson Added test case for type casting arrays of subobjects. 2eac3bc
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up code formatting and docblocks in `\data\Model`. Dropping …
…unneeded `__init()` method.
@nateabele nateabele Code cleanup and refactoring in `\core\Adaptable` and `\data\Connecti…
@nateabele nateabele Code cleanup in `\data\source\Database`. a6edce4
@jails jails Remove unused/deprecated stuff 5d20d53
@jails jails Remove unused/deprecated stuff 5cb1229
@nateabele nateabele Merge pull request #472 from jails/data
Remove unused/deprecated stuff
@jails jails Bug in casting subobject arrays solve #471 581a11a
@nateabele nateabele Merge pull request #473 from jails/data
Bug in casting subobject arrays solve #471
@jails jails Fix some issues of lithium\util\Collection. 77a12c6
@nateabele nateabele Merge branch 'data' of into data 5bbda92
@jails jails Fix some issues of lithium\util\Collection. c435967
@jails jails Fix some issues of lithium\util\Collection. 7e0f3ed
@nateabele nateabele Merge pull request #474 from jails/data
Fix some issues of lithium\util\Collection.
@nateabele nateabele Adding explicit string cast to `\data\Entity::__toString()`, adding t…
…est case for `Form` helper verifying `Entity` objects are handled correctly. Fixes #205.
@adamroyle @nateabele adamroyle Database::read() should NOT return false when 'limit' is used and the…
…re are no results.
@jails jails Add by default the context alias on ambiguous fields on read context.…
… Fix issue #403 and #414.
@nateabele nateabele Merge pull request #482 from jails/pr
Add by default the context alias on ambiguous fields on read context.
@jails jails Add GROUP BY test case. 2e5c3aa
@jails jails closed this May 24, 2012
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