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fellars commented Jul 19, 2012

Now able to add options for curl via configuration array

L-P and others added some commits Jun 29, 2012

@L-P L-P Disable Compiler fallback by default.
I inadvertently removed my `app/resources/tmp/cache/templates` folder
and PHP was unable to write the compiled templates in it.
Instead of throwing an exception/error, the Compiler returned the
unparsed file without telling anyone what was happening (no error, no

With `$foo; ?>` appearing on the page I quickly saw that there was a
problem but if I had `short_tags` turned on, the unescaped variable
would have been printed (hello XSS!) and I would never have noticed it.

This behavior is dangerous but needed for the diagnostic page to show
properly on a default misconfigured installation of lithium. Short tags
are purposedly avoided on its template so allowing it to use the
compiler fallback is not a security/usability threat.
@L-P L-P Fix EOLs. b2b3fb1
@daschl @nateabele daschl Error Handler: removing old definitions and refactoring tests to refl…
…ect the change.
@daschl @nateabele daschl Error Handler: adding better testing and assertions for error trapping be56b97
@nateabele nateabele Merge branch 'error-handler' ed77118
@gwoo gwoo Merge pull request #560 from L-P/compiler-fallback-fix
Disable Compiler fallback by default.
@nateabele nateabele Merge branch 'dev' 582210a
@nateabele nateabele Fixing `g11n\Multibyte` to prevent configuration from leaking globally. b38b11f
@nateabele nateabele Merge branch 'dev' 1a83c2b
@nateabele nateabele Cleaning up coding standards issues. 41ab56f

daschl commented on 41ab56f Jul 15, 2012

Y U NO push to dev? ;) 5450f20


nateabele replied Jul 15, 2012

Hahaha, sorry. :-)

Dan Fellars added some commits Jul 18, 2012

Dan Fellars modified Curl socket to allow for setting Curl options in either the …
…Socket configuration or the parameter passed to open method via an options key
Dan Fellars cleaned up spacing c98557a

fellars closed this Jul 19, 2012

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