Set request type before setting body #599

merged 2 commits into from Aug 2, 2012

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having the body set before the type meant the body was encoded as html
no matter what the type actually is.

Union of RAD member

Why is every line in the class rewritten in the diff?


because I screwed up.
reverted old commit and added a fixed one.
Let me know if you prefer a new pull request.

Union of RAD member

Nope, the existing PR is fine. Just do us a favor and squash your commits so we can keep the history clean. :-)

The patch itself looks good. We'll get it merged in once one of us has a chance to add a failing test against the Service class (you're welcome to add one instead if you're so inclined). Thanks again for tracking this down!



@omeryar omeryar updated testJsonPost to test 56a5ef4
new test would have failed before

updated testJsonPost().
new test would have failed before 56a5ef4 with:

Exception thrown in -::join() on line 105
Array to string conversion

in lithium\net\http\Request::_encode()

@nateabele nateabele merged commit 9cb627c into UnionOfRAD:dev Aug 2, 2012
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