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Currently the id column can't change value, because the function _entityConditions of class lithium\data\model\Query returns a condition based on the new value instead of the old.

tefra added some commits Aug 12, 2012
@tefra tefra Fix for editable id columns
Added function 'stored' for easy access to the currently stored data
@tefra tefra Fix for editable id columns
Provide the stored data in the function _entityConditions to get editable id columns

This pull request fails (merged 3016730 into c3419a4).

@tefra tefra Fix the fix for the editable id column
With the previous fix i managed to break the create, it should be fine now

This pull request fails (merged 9a15650 into c3419a4).

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Thanks for your PR, but imho the actual behavior seems correct. In what kind of use case your PR is needed ?


You are thinking about tables with auto-increment integer for primary key, in that case yes it's bad practise, but even so to have the following code

$foo = Foo::find(15);
$foo->id = 14;

produce this

UPDATE foo SET id = 14 WHERE id = 14;

is wrong...

Now about my case i have a table with a varchar pk that i need it to be editable, instead i would have to add an AI int for no reason and use something like this to find them

$foo = Foo::findByAlias('main');
Union of RAD member

Makes sense. However this PR seems using 4 spaces instead of tab for indenting your code and break some tests (and would need it's own test case). But it's preferable to wait for @nateabele comments before modifying something ;-).


This pull request fails (merged 7151dd6 into c3419a4).


This pull request fails (merged 110e531 into c3419a4).

@tefra tefra closed this Jan 14, 2013
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