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mehlah commented Sep 16, 2012

This updates the way options are passed between the Renderer and the View classes.
Now, Renderer::_render() is aware of all rendering options accepted by View::render().


I'm not happy with the so-called unit test committed. Should be moved to integration tests if kept.
Any better idea to unit test this, without testing the actual params passed to _render()?

Related to #624

PS: Sorry for the delay nate ;)


mehlah commented Sep 16, 2012

Seems that something is wrong with Travis short_open_tag php.ini configuration (enabled by default for PHP 5.4)


nateabele commented Sep 18, 2012

@mehlah The code change looks good, but on the failing test, I'm not sure I follow. It looks like it failed on 5.3 and passed on 5.4. However, is there a way we could test this that didn't involve actual rendering? I think it would work better to add an accessor method for $_options on MockRenderer. What do you think?


nateabele commented Sep 26, 2012

Hey dude, need some help with this? Just let me know.


mehlah commented Sep 26, 2012

Hey Nate, it was a fast and furious week and sadly had no time to take care of it.
I haven't done yet any work to update the test case. If you have a free cycle, I'm buying a diff ;-)
I should be able to push it on Friday anyway.


jails commented Dec 9, 2012

Need some help for this PR @mehlah ? ;-)


jails commented Jan 24, 2013

Closed in flavor of #642.

jails closed this Jan 24, 2013

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