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Alternative GridFS collection names issue fix. #765

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3d0c commented Dec 22, 2012

There is a problem in source/MongoDb.php, it doesn't work with GridFS collections which is named different to defaults.

This call doesn't pass prefix to the getGridFS and defaults "fs.files" will be used, here it is:

$collection = $self->connection->getGridFS();

This PR has a fix for this issue.

But there is one more problem — unable to use different sources for gridfs collection, because of this:

if ($source == "{$_config['gridPrefix']}.files")

I'm afraid It's a wrong way to determine the type of collection — is it gridfs or not.

I'm working now on the solution.

djordje commented Dec 22, 2012

You should pull request against dev branch.

Union of RAD member
jails commented Dec 23, 2012

Close as duplicate #766

@jails jails closed this Dec 23, 2012
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