Support request method in route matching (close #535). #794

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Okay, what are the implications, if any, for generating URLs with this? And what if you want your default to be for routes to accept any HTTP method (like I normally want)?

@jails jails closed this Jan 23, 2013

explanation in #535.


i think there's an even 'lighter' fix:

        public function compile() {

e.g. after compiling the route just unset the 'http:method' from _match. i noticed that a route with a param (e.g. /foo/{:id:\d+}) will cause that key removed from _match anyway (see Route::compile() and its last row, however 'simple' routes would return from compile() sooner).

with 'http:method' removed all the matching would work as before and you still can add http:method (which will be checked against a request in Route::parse()). i think this makes sense e.g. when generating an url (e.g. in a template) it's inconvenient to pass http-method.

if we agree that this is a bug in lithium (the current implementation itself isn't consistent, because you need to pass http-method if and only if you don't have a param in your route) i think the only thing needs to be modified is that in Route::compile() the $this->_match = $this->_params; line should go after the for loop that cleans params (this is also done by this PR). however i'm not sure about the logic, whether it should match http-method explicitly or not, should GET be a default, etc. (as i said i prefer matching without http-method when generating routes, but dispatching should check http-method).

(please note i'm using 0.11 right now)

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