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Fixing typo according to li3_quality. #809

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  • fixing typo according to li3_quality.
  • comparison are done when possible with strict operator (i.e === / !==)
  • disable li3_qualtity in travis

Would be fine to reenable li3_quality only when it'll be able to pass all the core (this way PR won't need to be contaminated with typos stuff).

PS: li3_quality should pass (or almost pass imo) once this PR merged since currenlty it's not the case.

Union of RAD member


li3_quality should stay in travis but should be refactored to run against the entire library. li3 quality syntax --library=lithium

Union of RAD member

This is awesome! Thanks @jails. I think we should go ahead and merge this now, and update #807 accordingly, because doing it the other way around would probably be a lot more tedious. And we can always merge li3_quality back in once everything's sorted. I wanna get this stuff into dev and get dev into master (today if we can), and then we can come back to that.

Any objections?

Union of RAD member

+1 I'll kill my quality commit.

Union of RAD member

It's a shame travis is offline for maintenance, but all the tests passed locally.

@nateabele nateabele merged commit f6f3cf9 into UnionOfRAD:dev
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Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. @jails

    Fix typo according to li3_quality.

    jails committed
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