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Latest commit 64c5a14 May 19, 2012 @davidpersson davidpersson QA
- Minor formatting.
- Improve Database::_formatters docblock.
- Split db value tests.
- Document bypass feature in database value.
- Do not import Closure class when used for doc purposes.

  Fully namespaced class names should be used for documentation
  purposes. The use block at the top is for "real" dependencies.

  Partially reverts 798ac5d.

- Set nested list doc type for closures from closure to \Closure.
- Fix type in net\http\Media::scope().
- Document test error to exception conversion.
- Document filter methods.
- Remove 'This method can be filtered.', default message are added in
- Mini refactor Locale::lookup().
- Refactor Locale::_preferredAction.
- Better deprecation message.
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