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The Community

Lithium is not just a framework, but the embodiment of a community. This community is dedicated to open collaboration and friendly discourse, with the goal of producing better quality software.

Most importantly, you are invited to participate. As with any communities there are some rules and conventions. In order for everyone to have a productive and positive experience, we ask that every member familiarizes themselves with the guidelines below. We do not want to have to tell you what would happen if the guidelines are not followed. ;-)

Currently the fastest way to get in contact with the core developers and community as a whole is through IRC, on server. There you can join the #li3 channel for general discussion and support for the framework or join #li3-core to be involved in the core developments.

  • #li3 (logs) is for general discussion and support questions.
  • #li3-core (logs) is for issues and development within the core library.


We deem these rules to be self evident, that all developers are created equal...please follow them in good faith. We'll all have a bit more radness as a result.


We all have day jobs, but we also enjoying helping others. Respect each other's time and ideas. Try to give back more than you take.


Keeping a healthy attitude and friendly atmosphere will make the experience enjoyable for all and will make sure that the people who are willing to spend time helping others are not driven away.


Staying on topic will make sure that the discussion remains fruitful for everyone and reduces the effort of finding useful information.


Anything more than one line of code should not be put in the IRC channels but instead use the pastebin found at


Be in the right place and direct questions at the group. Everyone is here to help, so only talk to an individual when you have already engaged them in the conversation. Private messages should only be used as a last resort.


Some of these presences are run by community members, some by the framework developers. Thus each one of them may vary in its officialness.

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