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Releases 0.9.5 

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Joël Perras (16):

  • Partial documentation for data\Model.
  • Adding documentation for template\View and template\view\Compiler. Updating template/, since we now use a tokenizer+compiler instead of a stream filter.
  • Updating Php session adapter to handle dot-syntax keys for read/write/check and delete operations.
  • Adding a read-through cache option to Cache::read().
  • Increasing code coverate of storage\Cache to 100%.
  • Adding multi-key read/write to Redis cache adapter.
  • Minor cleanup of Redis cache adapter ctor & _init() methods.
  • Updating Redis cache adapter to use \Redis::expireAt() instead of \Redis::setTimeout().
  • Implemented conditional operator parsing to MongoDB source. Tests added.
  • Fixing coding standards violations in MongoDB source documentation.
  • Adding missing class attribute definitions to MongoDb source.
  • Adding $nin (NOT IN in SQL-speak) condition parsing for MongoDB source.
  • Adding some missing MongoDB docblocks.
  • Refactoring Adaptable to not mutate the value of 'adapter' keys in configurations.
  • Updating HMAC session signing strategy for better interoperability with security\Auth.
  • Docs for template\View.

Nate Abele (25):

  • Adding sanity check and cast to output handler extraction in \template\view\adapter\File.
  • Removing "Lithium" naming from externally-facing HTTP headers.
  • Adding class-level docblocks for various classes.
  • Adding libraries/_source and app/libraries/_source as stores for raw checkouts / downloads of source code repositories. Relevant directories containing source files should be symlinked into the appropriate libraries directory.
  • Moving \test\filter\Affected::_testCaseForClass() to \test\Unit::get(). Used to get the test case for a class.
  • Adding test case for \test\Unit::get().
  • Refactoring \test\Group::add(), fixing support for running plugin and application tests with the "all tests" group.
  • Misc. code formatting and refactoring in Http auth adapter.
  • Refactoring model initialization, and making class-defined schemas inheritable.
  • Tweaking console help formatting.
  • Refactored \analysis\Docblock, fixed misc docblock tag parsing issues, added test coverage.
  • First draft implementation of Growl logger adapter. Begin refactoring \analysis\Logger to improve flexibility and multi-adapter logging.
  • Adding / updating docblocks for classes in \analysis.
  • Refactoring File log adapter, adding test coverage, documentation, and configurable timestamp support.
  • Adding documentation to \analysis\Logger, and removing unused static dependencies.
  • Updating Logger test for changes in File logger.
  • Removing test for unimplemented functionality.
  • Removing unused features from \console\Dispatcher.
  • Ensuring that \core\Libraries::path() always returns the real path to files and directories.
  • Redesigning Logger API. Messages can now be written to multiple adapters for a given priority.
  • Fixing CouchDB docblock.
  • Various abstraction compatibility fixes for CouchDB and MongoDB, adding integration test skips for databases that don't support relationships.
  • Adding extra newline to documentation to compensate for Showdown's brokenness.
  • Refactoring \data\Model::key() to always return an associative array in cases where a value is provided. Added test cases.
  • Additional documentation for \net\http\Router and Router::match().

gwoo (6):

  • Adding Http auth adapter
  • Adding security\auth\adapter\Http test cases and documentation.
  • Adding tests for dot syntax used by \session\adapter\Php. Updating code to pass tests, removes Set::extract().
  • Updating handling of overwrite method in \session\adapter\Php
  • Fixing bad tests related to dot syntax in \integration\storage\SessionTest
  • Updating app.phar.gz template used by \console\command\Create

John David Anderson (9):

  • Adding docblocks to console create classes.
  • New docblocks and formatting for lithium\action and \analysis.
  • Docblocks for \core.
  • Docblocks for \data.
  • Docblocks for \g11n.
  • Docblocks for \net.
  • Adding a missing docblock.
  • Adding a few missing docblocks.
  • Adding docblocks.
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