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* Lithium: the most rad php framework
* @copyright Copyright 2010, Union of RAD (
* @license The BSD License
* Welcome to the switchboard. This file contains a series of method filters that allow you to
* intercept different parts of Lithium's request cycle as they happen. You can apply filters to
* any object method that has a `@filter` flag in its API documentation.
* When applying a filter, you need the name of the method you want to call, along with a *closure*,
* that defines what you want the filter to do. All filters take the same 3 parameters: `$self`,
* `$params`, and `$chain`.
* - `$self`: If the filter is applied on an object instance, then `$self` will be that instance. If
* applied to a static class, then `$self` will be a string containing the fully-namespaced class
* name.
* - `$params`: Contains an associative array of the parameters that are passed into the method. You
* can modify or inspect these parameters before allowing the method to continue.
* - `$chain`: Finally, `$chain` contains the list of filters in line to be executed. At the bottom
* of `$chain` is the method itself. This is why most filters contain a line that looks like
* `return $chain->next($self, $params, $chain);`. This passes control to the next filter in the
* chain, and finally, to the method itself. This allows you to interact with the return value as
* well as the parameters.
use \lithium\core\Environment;
use \lithium\action\Dispatcher;
* Loads application routes before the request is dispatched. Change this to `include_once` if
* more than one request cycle is executed per HTTP request.
* @see lithium\http\Router
Dispatcher::applyFilter('run', function($self, $params, $chain) {
include __DIR__ . '/routes.php';
return $chain->next($self, $params, $chain);
* Intercepts the `Dispatcher` as it finds a controller object, and passes the `'request'` parameter
* to the `Environment` class to detect which environment the application is running in.
* @see lithium\action\Request
* @see lithium\core\Environment
// Dispatcher::applyFilter('_callable', function($self, $params, $chain) {
// Environment::set($params['request']);
// return $chain->next($self, $params, $chain);
// });
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