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CouchDB powered pastebin application & source for Pastium.

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  1. Lithium_bin
    1. an example app for Lithium a PHP 5.3 framework

This application is supply to function as an implementation example of lithium. For more information about it, please see , where you can also find the code to make sure you are up to date.


 - Lithium Core ( git clone ) 0.3
 - php 5.3.1
 - CouchDB (Tested with version 0.10.0)
 - GeSHI (originally supplied with this package)

Once you have set up the requirements above, in console use the provided installation command like so:

This action should be run once (or until OK message is recieved) to create database and design views.

If you have set up the application to know where to find Lithium

app/config/bootstrap.php -> LITHIUM_LIBRARY_PATH

This should make the app working with the following urls:

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