li₃: The Definitive Guide
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li₃: The Definitive Guide
This is your handbook to building li₃ applications. It takes you through getting started, and provides an overview of all aspects of application-building that are covered by the framework.

li₃: The Definitive Guide

So you're interested in writing tight apps with the latest RAD techniques? Welcome to li₃, the most RAD framework for PHP.

This set of guides is meant for PHP developers trying to get a handle on what the framework can do, and—more importantly—what it can do for you. This set of guides is meant to give you a world-class tour of the framework. You'll learn how it implements and you can leverage MVC, data access, authentication, authorization, validation, internationalization, layouts, unit testing and more. In short, you'll learn all about Rapid Application Development, li₃ style.

Enough talk. Let's get started.