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The official li₃ Site


This is the repository for the main li3 site. Its goal is to provide a fresh, modern and lean web entity that makes content around li3 easy to discover.

It serves the naked DOMAIN. A MySQL database is needed to run the site.


Currently only Linux and Darwin are supported as deployment and developing platforms. It is expected that you are running ningx with php-fpm.

The development domain is

Updating Dependencies

PHP dependencies are managed via composer:

$ cd app
$ composer update

This repository is based off UnionOfRAD/framework. To bring in updates fetch from the remote, then merge (no rebase) into our master.


Assets are contained in the assets directory in the root of the project. That directory is made accessible via DOMAIN/assets.

Assets within plugins are not used, instead all assets needed by the site and its plugins should be placed into DOMAIN/assets and name accordingly.

css/u1m.css - Base styles used on any entity in the li3 universe.
css/site.css - Contains styles relevant to the site only.
css/li3_bot.css  - Contains styles when using the bot plugin.
css/highlight.css - Extra styles that can be loaded if needed.

Use the body class to namespace styles to plugins. The body classes will be site, li3-bot, li3-docs respectively.

Use public CDN's for JavaScript resources if possible.

Layouts & Plugin Content

All plugins views are rendered within the main app's layout. Do not use the the plugin's layout.

Running other Tasks

This project comes with some useful scripts that help with setting up the application and reaching as far as deploying the whole project. These tasks can be listed and executed as follows. Tasks are based on deta, for more information see the deta projects documentation.

$ cd /path/to/project/bin
$ ./deta -c ../config/deta
$ chmod -R a+rwX app/resources/tmp


To install dependencies for deplyoment run:

$ make install-deploy

To start interactive deployment run:

$ cd /path/to/project/bin
$ ./deta -c ../config/deta

Copyright & License

The li3 Website is Copyright (c) 2014 Union of RAD. The code is distributed under the terms of the BSD 3-clause License. For the full license text see the LICENSE.txt file.



  • If the first letter in the query is upper-case, you will only get classes in the results.
  • If the query contains a $, only properties will be shown in the results.
  • If the query ends with or contains a parenthesis, you'll only be searching methods.