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Welcome to the SciTechMatcher wiki! Feel free to contribute.

The Unite Ideas Team

See below some direct URLs of sites where there's interesting content which could be used to get started in this challenge.


We suggest to use .Json format.

Datasources to scrape:

The list of sites requested by the challenge is here, however below are some more precise URLs, so you can go directly to scraping.

**If you scrape a site, please share your dataset with the community =) **

Priority 1 records: Technology Offers & Requests

The sources below would be very useful to show a working tool.

This source has approx. 1,600 records.

Source name : Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT)
Source Homepage URL: http://www.apctt.org/
Technology Offers URL : http://apctt.org/technology-offer
Technology Request URL : http://apctt.org/technology-request

This source has approx. 7,000 records.

Source name : Enterprise Europe Network
Source homepage URL: https://www.swisseen.ch
URL for Offers & Requests ( you can apply a filter to separate them) : https://www.swisseen.ch/en/search?

Priority 2 Sources: Companies and Organizations records

These are listings of organizations and companies.

The source below contains approx. 700 records.

Source name : Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA)
Source homepage URL: http://www.globalcleantech.org/
URL for Companies : http://www.globalcleantech.org/en/custom/company/directory

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