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actions pm2 password flag
apps move apps folder
axm POC module system
module-fixture pmx beta test - add sample module
args.js #857 #935
auto-restart-all.js upgrade socket
auto-restart-threshold.js pmx beta test - add sample module
auto-save.js memory leak fix 0.6.1
child-echo.json refactor startJson
child-env.js #673
child-pm2.json Fix pidFile -> pid_file configuration in examples and add to README
child.js simplify module API
child.js-pm2.json Fix pidFile -> pid_file configuration in examples and add to README
child2.js replace axm module by pmx
cwd.js merge -> 0.6.1 - evolution #237 coffescript executed in cluster mode by default
echo.js Clean - add environment merge
echo.php #136 add smart interpreter selection and execution mode depending on …
echo.rb update interpreters
echokill.js PM2 EVOLUTION
env.js exec web interface on fork mode
env_args.js rename daemon process in processes
exec_watch.json fix travis versions
exit.js fix ESRCH
expose_method.js add example for messaging processes from pm2-interface
graceful-exit.js refactor code - explose God.js - graceful reload feature - update REA…
harmony.js add harmony example
http.js runInThisContext to allow usage of process.env
inside.js restart echo
inside.json #782 #780 inside scripts
interact.js add interact example
json.js log-date-format update
kill-not-so-fast.js upgrade - add benchmarking tools
kill-slow.js close fd fork mode - remove double unsymlink for pid
killfast.js edit + example for options #64
killslow.js restore uncaughrexception logic
killtoofast.js #122 #130 - now pm2 will monitor apps during 10secs to see if a proce…
leak.js log-date-format update
load-me.js replace axm module by pmx
malformated.json run all test with appveyor
modulechild.js 0.6.1
moduleparent.js 0.6.1
null.js return null after module launching
package.json pmx beta test - add sample module
process.json fix #1373 ignore_watch consistency
programmatic.js better programmatic API - expose BUS system to PM2 programmatic
require.js #70 #71 start/stop/restart with --name option
sendmsg.js PM2 EVOLUTION
start-args.js #857 #935
stop-after5.js 0.5.0 published on NPM
throw.js replace axm module by pmx
tree.js globalize interactor - update - upgrade axm
udp-cluster.js udp tests - interactor fixes
udp.js udp tests - interactor fixes
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