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SpaceBox 1U Customizable Open Cubesat Chassis
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Customisable 1U cubesat chassis for Spacebox and Discovery X-1 launches

1U Cubesat Chassis


  1. Our cubesat model is designed to be customisable to your needs. You can either go with our standard 4 wafer build, or you can modify the UF-1U-Cubesat-Side.stl file by inserting two cube shaped supports on the chamfered internal corner at the height of each wafer you would like to insert into the cubesat with a spacing of >=1.2mm and save changes. We generally go with 1.4mm.

  2. Print out the following in PLA with 80% infill:

  • 4 x UF-1U-Cubesat-Side-4-Slot.stl (or your modified UF-1U-Cubesat-Side.stl)
  • 1 x UF-1U-Cubesat-Top.stl
  • 1 x UF-1U-Cubesat-Bottom.stl
  1. Carefully place M2 nuts in the four internal cavities of each side of the cubesat with some high strength adhesive and allow to dry. Make sure to clean out any support in the holes and align them well before inserting as wrong placement could result in cracking with cheaper filaments and printers.
  2. Assemble three of the four sides followed by the bottom side with 45° countersunk M2 bolts. We usually use 8-12mm long ones, but other sizes may also work.
  3. Slide in your wafers and attach the last remaining side followed by the top side with 45° countersunk M2 bolts.
  4. That's it! You're done. Time to visit our website to book a flight! ;)
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