@12henry 12henry released this Oct 12, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

1、Change coinbase maturity from 7200 to 1440;
2、Fixed bug of denial of service attacks.

UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip MD5 Hash: ed286e566c3d92e1e02d2a0a490375ff
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip MD5 Hash: 6eeb83fb7d6637e3503b2544955b6656
UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip MD5 Hash: 35d203973ba6027c145a484be987c5cb
UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip MD5 Hash: 54c05ee4c8a7c803b3f22b5a1dc3b485
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip MD5 Hash: 5527a1708ebadf007728593a49377826
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip MD5 Hash: 083061f6ca2cd3373b7d08520f5057e5

@12henry 12henry released this Sep 14, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

Optimization POS mining.
Fixed other bugs.

UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip MD5 Hash: 94c188d189a72ba6bfdd843962287491
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip MD5 Hash: e71385bccefe6cc9143722b51a39f92b
UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip MD5 Hash: 757fa0a790e88487d28a28d5547c2603
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip MD5 Hash: 9e37fa4e08f80494bbd454db307599dd
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip MD5 Hash: 0865d0881760bb6c102da7c99a60c157
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip MD5 Hash: bc091e4bcc1f039af80b0d420a5c3f21

@12henry 12henry released this Sep 11, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

1.Qt wallet add POS state icon,and display pos state real-time.
2.In command console add getposstate interface.
3.The problem of local check fees when ubtc sends transactions

UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip MD5 Hash: 73edbef9fd302df95ccc89346c095d76
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip MD5 Hash: a0b7e0c761d8a7253321e336f2a9d09e
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip MD5 Hash: 6a10675605a7a8759a7866c50dd0f001
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip MD5 Hash: 58e6624d1dd5777c1baa566607f1df5d
UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip MD5 Hash: 2188f25545af6986a58ff663f260c755
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip MD5 Hash: e3bea9e84343fe6d56e396c6a46ed25f

@12henry 12henry released this Aug 3, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

1、fixed bug about rpc interface getposdifficulty,
2、fixed bug when excute command "ubcd --help",
3、optimizational function of pos.

UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip MD5 Hash: d8cc7fb510defd4d006c221d1a6e3fb4
UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip MD5 Hash:5b36366ef5abab0165b872ac38c70d21
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip MD5 Hash:6f282ca1f3833d1c0919459153b07636
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip MD5 Hash:e2e7bc7c1f0234da51890b9493c2704e
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip MD5 Hash: 7bf0257e4b228de4da93565f94b8b2e7
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip MD5 Hash:674697688c230ef7fbc41be8ebd39b0b

@12henry 12henry released this Jul 24, 2018 · 21 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

fixed bug about pos.

UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip MD5 Hash:f1ac73bef52c6ccc9e55b8e3db8c9a70
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip MD5 Hash:db00c6a49cc1fe7bafdaf80475d96f94
UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip MD5 Hash:6afe4ab2c37c80786aebe27d8a79f70f
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip MD5 Hash:735dde52ff910743415a0a4d3b19d775
UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip MD5 Hash:c024ad3cbab7fee3b1997c0631b9b8bd
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip MD5 Hash:5fab5af97b41eb99616fae117fdf6f14

@12henry 12henry released this Jul 19, 2018 · 27 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

1、Add coinbase tx and default_root_state_hash to getblocktemplate for mining pool;
2、Add getcoinbase rpc interface for mining pool.
3、Mining pool please refer to wiki: https://github.com/UnitedBitcoin/UnitedBitcoin/wiki/Changes-of-ubtc-block-and-transaction-structure (getblocktemplate response/How to get coinbase or rootstatehash from block template/How to construct coinbase tx with miner's scriptPubKeyIn).

UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip md5 hash:deb9e51ef933ee2806ceb1ef84932ec0
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip md5 hash:bff2a96fdc8391217f75f935394d3cb4
UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip md5 hash:683a029a2cae8e4ed77ece5c89ed149e
UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip md5 hash:84ecd7827bc76e53d0d6a86c008615c4
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip md5 hash:e6c5d3d3ca8d8667ff7b6e900cf90232
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip md5 hash:6c0bac83db5b6c7bd1063aaf7daa377b

Jul 18, 2018
add coinbase tx to getblocktemplate

@12henry 12henry released this Jul 18, 2018 · 38 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

1、Increase the gas limit condition limit when the local testing implements the contract API.
2、Fixed bug when fork height 551111 is a pos block.
3、Handling main and test net compatibility issues
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_linux.zip md5 hash:8f039601f5d511790c0974560f448cdf
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_mac.zip md5 hash:24c88448fcc2d5bf3815ac969baa6d5d
UnitedBitcoin-Qt_win.zip md5 hash:2eab91a30feeb686ace4a94596e453a1
UnitedBitcoin_Core_linux.zip md5 hash:93af3e3fbfb5125b5f53e5f2f0d68d10
UnitedBitcoin_Core_mac.zip md5 hash:4057b80fd25c788dce1535c96033587d
UnitedBitcoin_Core_win.zip md5 hash:e5b0c45f461180cec736b6f16444f4d9

@12henry 12henry released this Jul 12, 2018 · 52 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

1.We do a new upgrade at block height 551111 and get some features:
2.At height 551111 will support POS and smart contract.
3.POS block reward is same with POW block(1 ubtc)
4.change block inteval from 1 minute to 2 minutes

Apr 11, 2018
bug fixed